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Customer's benefit


1. Preventing for customers from losing property, human being, trade mark, prestige and so on…
2. Customers can reduce many expenditures when using the Professional Security Service as the following:

·   Expenditure of recruiting and training

·   Expenditure of direct and indirect management

·   Expenditure of uniform, supporting equipments and office stationery…

·   Expenditure of working over time

·   Bonus policy, bonus of length of service…

·   All allowances such as: social insurance, accident insurance, insurance against all risks…. 
3. Being ready for action in any situations at the site by the supporting of Special Mission Team) or by the supervising team. Helping the clients when they have some special events such as: exhibition, meeting, festival and so on……
4. We agree to compensate the losses of assets in case of this fault belong to security guards.
5. Tuoi Tre Viet security guards are well equipped with modern security equipments ready to support 24/24 hours.


1. Customers reduce the works for Human Resources Dept.
2. All duties such as: recruiting, training, arranging, managing, checking and supervising security guards are under taken by Tuoi Tre Viet security guards force.
3. Tuoi Tre Viet security guard force is very flexible in the time, the human resources and the expenditures.
4. The security contract is started and ended in the most convenient way base on the requirements of the customers.
5. Security guards will be changed immediately in any reasons.
6. Customers can know clearly the security situation of the company by periodic reporting which are reported by chief security guard.
7. Tuoi Tre Viet security Co., Ltd has a good relationship with local authorities so that they always beside us in case emergency situation.

1. The benefit of the spirit: professional security guards always bring to customers the peaceful in working day and night.
2. Administrative benefits: preventing customers from losing assets, establishing and maintaining the organization of the company in the best way.
3. Cultural benefits: security guards will bring to the company and their workers a good communication skills through the behavior and the service of security guards every day.
4. Professional benefits: Tuoi Tre Viet is the professional security Co., so that security guards are trained in a professional way – professional in working and professional in handling the situation.

5. Trade name benefits: when cooperating with Tuoi Tre Viet Security Co., Ltd, the trade name of customers will be developed through the professional images of security guards, and through the Tuoi Tre Viet Trade name by itself.